Reviews for "Dick Neck: Origins"


If these guys would have just laughed along with everyone else, laughed at themselves, and not gotten so pissed off and worked up over it, then it would have died a quick death. But, no, they got all defensive and pissy, so that just fueled folks into making more fun of them, until it suddenly became an NG meme, which could later go on to be an internet meme if /b/ and other groups embrace it. Moral of the story is, if you make a big deal out of nothing and get your feelings hurt too easily, folks will eat you alive.

Phobotech responds:

They don't teach common sense or street smarts at the internet academy. Trolls are gonna troll.

And so..

The beast awakens!!

Phobotech responds:

lol, thanks

I laughed so hard (oh shi-! )

I read that whole "discussion" some time ago and laughed till I hurt looking at those pictures and now I'm watching this and it just pours salt into the wound so much! lol

This is seriously fucked up in a loveable ultimate flame sort of way. You guys are friggin hilarious!

Phobotech responds:

Thanks very much! lol, happy you enjoyed it like salt onto a wound! XD


Kevin Bacon demands a sequel. The video was awesome, the animation was great, the music fit perfectly and the story was just hilarious. Kevin Bacon asks you keep up the great work and make another.

Phobotech responds:

Kevin Bacon is pleased Kevin Bacon gains much joy from Kevin Bacon and friend's flash project! Thank Kevin Bacon for the kind words!

Incredible and creative

This was an extremely well-designed flash. The story was perfect and the animation was great too. It must have taken several great minds to create a story that was interesting, original, and well written.
I wonder if Dr. Foreman has seen this; if he hasn't I would suggest that he does. He will learn that he isn't just a meme but hope and inspiration to the other users of Newgrounds.
P.S. I couldn't begin to explain how hard I laughed at the school mascot.

Phobotech responds:

Evidently, DrForeman has seen this. (In the rant, he said he was going to sue EyeLovePoozy and "that other guy" ...am I wrong for being disappointed my name's not note-worthy? lol)

Thanks for all the praise! Though there's always room for improvement, I'm hoping to make up for it with the possibility of a sequel.

P.S. THANK GOD somebody else appreciated the Unstable Tactical Nukes mascot...for a moment there, I began to fear I was the only one that laughed at it. Each time I re-watch it I feel like it sort-of breezes over the mascot, not giving it a chance to be exposed like I wanted (for a single frame, I know, but still) ...like, "Whoop, here's the plot-device, unlikely and absurd, everything goes boom, next shot! etc..." Thanks for loling!