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Reviews for "Dick Neck: Origins"

This is wonderful.

Portal needs more stuff like this. The art, the crude humor, everything. Awesome job.

Phobotech responds:

Wow, thank you! You're one of my heroes on this site, so I'm especially appreciative of the kind words, thanks! :D


As long as this masterpiece lives on so will the legend of Dick Neck.

One question though. Where can I get those songs? I've searched my dick off for "Extraordinary", "Sacred Oath", and "Guardian Light", and have found nothing. There were 2 or 3 sites that had the correct title and author name, but when I clicked play I received jack shit.

Anyway, great movie. Loved the voice acting and the way it fit with the music.

Can't wait to see the sequel.


this movie is so badass. It is very awesome


That was hilarious, especially the mascot. And the creativity in the science and STD and penises was terrific. Great job. But that was disgusting.

Absolutely brilliant!

I thought this was one if the most creative ideas ever! Not only was it epic, but it was just downright funny!

So very much like the epic reading series (Such as half life, full life consequences) and you even decided to put a few Half Life references in there which are awesome. A lot of satirical comedy which is good for the audience that your catering for. (Who doesn't like a good ball gag every once and a while? ...In fact, don't answer that =>_>=)

The style of drawing was great, and it reminded me of something between Fallout 3's vault boy, Tankmen and the epic artwork done for Metal Gear Acid 1/2. The animations were smooth and concise, with no jumping between frames (As seen with some animations)

The music throughout was fitting right down to the T. (Especially the oral scene, gotta love queen eh?)

Absolutely class! I thought the deep raspy voice was suited to the narrator's role, to give the flash a serious tone, but an far from serious topic. No kind of interference in the recording which led to crisp voices that were very easy to understand.

The only complaint I have is.. Where is the sequel? There NEEDS to be a sequel, plain and simple.

Hope you found this useful,


(PS. To the guy below me. You got PWNED!!!!)

Phobotech responds:

Thanks for the badass review! This is what I like to see....this could be giving the flash a zero, and I'd still read it with enthusiasm if it had a point.

First, there were Half Life references in this? As far as I knew, the only video game reference I made was to the little Jehuty model on the doctor's bookshelf. Could you please elaborate on what it is in Half Life that's being referenced, because they weren't intentional.

Secondly, a sequel has been written. There are many flash projects that I want to precede it, though...lol, probably by the time I get around to it, nobody will remember what Dick Neck is...and my goal is to make that not matter. It'll be an animation challenge for me, as well as a writing experiment in balancing comedy with action. I'm confident in it, but I'm not confident in my abilities as an animator yet. I'm hoping the projects I have set in que can help bring me up to speed.

I'm glad you enjoyed the flash! Thanks again for the awesome review, and be sure to check out more of TomaMoto's vocal flexibility.