Reviews for "Dick Neck: Origins"


Gentlemen, it appears that Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight" has some very, very erect competition.

Thank you for this, really.

Phobotech responds:

Wow, that's a ridiculously disproportionate compliment...thanks very much!

Amazing flash

Truly epic. I didn't know the meaning of this video until after I watched it. And apon reading the posts and stories about Mr. Dickneck, I can say this is an awesome burn.

That animation was great, Dr. Foremans portrayal couldn't have been better. The Mascot? Classic.

And the ending where he wanted to get his dick back? Awe inspiring.

Phobotech responds:

Thanks very much!

Also, reminded by your username, In Flames is a great band!


this was truly awesome, everything about it was great, and I guess you could say that it just rocked my cock in general :3

Phobotech responds:

Badass! Hope to rock your cock repeatedly in the future!


Dick neck...what else can I say??!!

Phobotech responds:

Hell if I know. All I can say is "Thanks!"

I love you

It's funny how one post attempting to say "I'm better than you guys" on the forum could become something like this. This was a good movie guys, it's interesting to know the true origins of dickneck, but I'm wondering what the fuck the kid was thinking posting himself on NG so we can all make fun of him.

Anyways, good work, I look forward to the next installment + you all getting raped by the kids neck once he finds out that you did this.

Phobotech responds:

I'm almost certain he already knows...

...I guess he'll be lying in wait until the sequel is out.