Reviews for "Dick Neck: Origins"


Fucking epic dude. thats probably the funniest thing i've watched.

Animation: 10/10 Smooth but nothing to complicated.

Artwork: Good at the end. Some parts used to mock the thread of course(the picture) I wasn't to bothered by the black and white. Then it went colored? Eh whatever it worked.

Music: 10/10 Added to the comedy perfectly. Great job.

Story: 10/10 Brilliant. The most epic thing you could ever build off a hilarious thread.

Nothing to important to say.
But that was hilarious.

The little "report" you did near the end was awesome.
The jokes made me laugh my ass off. "Oh man this neck just goes on forever" ROFL.

So there is a sequel in the works.
We got his friend and dickneck having some kind of dicktacular(neck) fight scene?
Not gonna dick(neck) around with you.

i was jellyous.
Great job.

Phobotech responds:

Thanks very much! It started with black and white to indicate the flash-back to the past, before Dick Neck became "Dick Neck."

As for the origin story as a whole, you can thank Rumerio for that!

A sequel IS in the works...I ain't dickin' around either...(neck)

Thanks again!


Will be mine...

Is this going to be a series, or just this? Either way, it's hillarious, keep it up!

Phobotech responds:

Sequels are in development.


Made me lol so hard.
Great art, awesome voice acting and nice story line...
Good job guys!

Phobotech responds:


I'm Jellyous of this

It couldn't have been better. Great animation and plot, plus Tomamoto provided an excillent narraration. Nice little extra somthin' after the credits, as well.

Phobotech responds:

I'm more than certain it could've been better...that's why we left room for sequels!

I admit, I laughed.

Ah, I was just waiting for something like this to happen.

Good animation, good voices, but the greatest part is the plot! Perfect way to leave it open for Part 2!

Keep up the good work, quite a nice collab you have here.


Phobotech responds:

We will keep the Dick Neck up...

...WAY up...

Stay tuned for the next installment!