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Reviews for "C.C. Menu Music 8-bit RMX"

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

JohnnyGuy responds:

thanks, check out my newer stuff

I like this nice job 1.i love castle crashers and 2.I like 8-bit music

JohnnyGuy responds:


neat remake, sounds pretty fat

Haha, nice cover/remix you have there! Too bad you didn't remix Orr's own full version of the song, but the game version is nice enough. Plus, it loops perfectly, so that's always a good thing.

I'm guessing you remade it by ear? The subtle changes compared to the original are quite refreshing, so overall there is nothing wrong with the composition/arrangement. Even though it sounds 8-bit-ish, it isn't true 8-bit (more than two pulse waves, for example). It might be worth exploring the limitations of the original 8-bit machines, as this will give your music a more authentic feel to it.

All in all, I quite liked your piece! (Maybe that's also because I love Castle Crashers in the first place...)

JohnnyGuy responds:

no i listened to the loop game version lol thanks though, yeah I'm working on more 8bit stuff for a game, i see whatcha mean. Thanks :)

As a fan of Castle Crashers, I really enjoyed this arrangement/remix of the Castle Crashers theme.
There's one part that kinda bugs me in the melody section at 1:39 to 1:40, when it drops to the lowerst note, for some unknown reason, it just doesn't sound right, oh well, still sounds pretty awesome.

Sounds great to me.