Reviews for "Klungo Saves Teh Flash!"

not working

i can't access any of levels.
i click them - potion x 0 appears
and game over tune.
what the hell?


I really dont see anything special in this game...
Kinda boring and annoying...

What I gotta say...

I want to like the game...I really do. I never played the original, however, I love the idea here. It's so reminiscient of Mario, except a little faster moving. The only thing I didn't like about this game was the difficulty. It makes it a little hard to get into the game when it is fully based upon pressing jump at the perfect pixel. Not saying people can't do it and most who are complaining are just too lazy or stupid to figure that out, but as someone who never played the original, I don't think I would like to because if this game is as great a remake this probably is, the original would only serve to annoy me after many failed attempts. It's a shame, I'm saying you did a great job...but its not the kind of game I like to play. Great job though.
5/5 +.oo38 (woo big numbers!)

Had fun

I never played Nuts and Bolts, so I am somewhat impaired in my ability to review. Keeping that in mind, I think this was a decent game. The music was good, the graphics are not half as bad as people here seem to think (I would like to see them do better on pixel art). The gameplay was annoying, but that kind of seems to be the point.

I didn't like the controls very much. I never liked using the arrow keys for things other than moving around. I also didn't like that there was no way to quick restart a level after dying. Since I died a lot, it was kind of annoying to mouse to the right level again every time and click it (aren't I the lazy bastard). Other than that, it's pretty okay. I had fun playing.

I tried...

I really did. I just don't have the patience for these kind of games... Got to like... Level 5... Meh. Anyway, I understand everything was meant to be the way it was, all's well. Only problem I found - If you "expand game" using the little box with arrows in the upper right hand corner, above the game, all it seems to do is zoom in on the top left of the game. If you jump, you can see the top half of a very large Klungo holding a very large world. It only did it once I was playing, and not at the level select screen... I was going to try this on other levels, but I forgot the password... Sigh. I can only assume that you didn't mean for that to happen =)