Reviews for "Klungo Saves Teh Flash!"

Awesome oldschool game

100/100 Music
100/100 Sprites
100/100 Backgrounds
10000/10000 for the flying animation.

Great job recreating the feeling of a classic. Really good.

Great retro game

The first five minutes of playing I wanted to give this a zero because of the steep initial challenge. but after getting used to it and realizing that this is a moving puzzle more than a platform I started to enjoy it. It keeps the difficulty but becomes possible and I like the retro style the game has too.

uhhhhhh sorry

didnt enjoy it. nothing personal (if it was you would never see the end of my rant).


THIS GAME SUCKS...na i just kidding this game is a great addition to KLUNGO. But anyway i played and beat the original on N&B and i cant wait for Klungo save teh universe


I remember the day I unlocked this on B-K:N&B. After I unlocked all the levels for it, I played it for hours then had my mates try and finish it. They failed :3 10/10 5/5 For doing some that I loved. :D