Reviews for "Klungo Saves Teh Flash!"

eh kinda boring

its alright i kinda got bored of it though would be nice if you could walk on your own

yeah your right it is a good game

Im a fan of the banjo and kazooie series so i have to give it a 9


WHY! WHY MAKE THIS I HATED IT ON BANJOKAZOWIE NUT"S AND BOLT"S! but I can stand it here, now you may wonder why did I even give the game sush a low score then well....BECUSE THIS IS IN RELATION TO THAT ABOMNATION OF A GAME B&K N&B! THAT'S WHY AND WHY CAN'T YOU HIT STUFF WITH EARTH NOW SOME PEOPLE MAY SAY "well that's the joke" and yes i would be abel to deal with this, but there is just one thing....THE GAME BANJOKAZOWIE NUT'S AND BOLT'S IS A GOD AWALFUL GAME IS EVEN GOOD ENOUGH AND DESERVIGN ENOUGH TO BE CALLED A BANJOKAZOWIE GAME! So no hat eto you the programer, coolboyman I don't hate your'e game I just hate the game your'e game is asoiated with. P.S ROT IN HELL BANJOKAZOWIE NUT'S&BOLT'S AND IF ANY ONE HAS SAYES IT'S A GOOD GO PLAY THE FIRST TWO THEN TELL ME IF YOU STILL THINK IT'S A GOOD GAME!


music is pretty good.. game was put together well.

didn't want to continue playing after dying for getting too close, but not really touching enemies.


eh. i dont really like it