Reviews for "Klungo Saves Teh Flash!"

You're doing a great job, Keep going!

Because I'm a big fan of UniF, and UniC, I can't be more excited then this. Very fun game. Hard! but fun. Im looking foreword to see your next games. :)

Hey cool only took two months to beat...

Magnificent game, pre-eminently frustrating. That's probably what kept me coming back...

And I particularly liked the easter egg, it was a nice touch. After all, who needs a crummy world to carry around when you have...something better.

Also you should talk to Tom about getting legit on-site medals, he can probably get that going.

That was terrible.

This game just need some better damned controls and some less damned annoying music! I can't stand writing this because of the god damned music!


haha funny game


I thought this game was wiked.
it was fun, annoying and challenging.
eberyting a great game should be.
nice work ;D