Reviews for "Klungo Saves Teh Flash!"

not bad

It only took me to 'til the "how to play" screen's music to get nostalgic for rareware games.
It's not a bad game, but I do have to wonder if it would've made frontpage without the nostalgia.


A difficult thinking game.
Its a good game, fun and sometimes its annoying when you loose :P
Not the best and surely not the worst.
Good job.

Good game idea...

... but graphics aren't good. The enemies and most backgrounds look bad. But maybe those were made like that on purpose?
Another thing, the player jumping wasn't very smooth.

Now, good points. I like how challenging this game is. It makes the player wants to play more, just to beat the level. Well, that's how it worked on me.

For your first AS3 game, this is pretty good.

it was good...

it seems hard though. on the second level, i die right before the first enemy. i can jump over it, but still. in the original game, enemys don't move, but it's a good concept, though. B+!


hehe you stole this from banjo kazooie nuts and bolts i almost made the last level on it ... the game was so hard to beat on banjo that i do not want it to play again here :P