Reviews for "Klungo Saves Teh Flash!"

This was my favourite mini-game/thing about Nuts and Bolts. Sometimes, it would be the only reason, why I would even play the game at all. Nice rendition of it!

loving the soundtrack!

its awesome ^.^


i gave this game 5 chances it looks and is great only one problem YOU CAN DIE WITHOUT EVEN TOUCHING THE LADYBUG THINGS IF THAT WAS FIXED THIS WOULD BE SUCH A FUN GAME plz fix that

Good to sssee it'sss not that different

Just as annoying as the one in Nuts & Bolts. xD What do I say. It's even worse D:

Got stuck at the 3rd level. :p


Good Job coolboyman!!! Love this game. Much better than B. Got to level 5, then played the mini games and so on. I really liked the Jukebox part. Next time maybe just add more potions and abbilaties.