Reviews for "Another Small Favor"


Think this one is better than the first -ofcourse the first was epic too- ;p but wth, whers my medals? o.o

Really fun game to play, but I have a problem

I really like the game and the stuff that you have to do on it, i.e the achievements, but twice I have played it and twice it froze on me, once at the trade-o-matic place when I was swapping for the sticky glue and the second time was when I was trying to get past the spiderwebs, what am I doing wrong because I'd really like to get past this point so I can complete it.

one of the best

I liked it. No bugs for me. Easy, but not too easy. Nice flow of the game and I really liked the story line. Played it twice

Make some more like this


rlly good game!!!
i like it


This was very good man I really enjoyed it, everything was good even the story.. And the ending was just awesome XD