Reviews for "Another Small Favor"

This is probably my favorite adventure point 'n click game ever. Hell even my favorite flash game of all time! The story and the setting are great. Its not very often for me to really fell immersed in a game of this sort (flash games i mean).But this one is just awesome. The music is top notch. It's way better than the original.Better music, a lot more interesting places to visit.And the addition of the running-just great! I felt like the puzzels were just the right difficulty.The addition of the favor mechanic(you know that you can use the favors you collected)is very well done.This series have a great potential for a commercial project.I felf bad because the kickstarter didn't suceed,but i hope after "The Ballads of Reemus 2'' (another great series by the way) will get enough funds to be created! I love you Jay stay great and continue with the awesome work!

Great game played it in 2010 when i was a dumb kid so couldn't finish it.Seems alot easier now :P

Loved the ending plot twist.

Did the first one so I had to do the second one. Wish there was more to this series. Any way check out my Flash Spotlight.


actually a pretty good game

A fantastic game of high quality, with a good setup and story and art style! I think this series has every potential to go far, especially as an open world RPG. Whether the next episode will be commercial or not, I hope there will be a continuation to this. Cheers for your lovely work!