Reviews for "Another Small Favor"

I really like it but having to go through several levels like that, while fine, his walking was too slow and there was no way to really speed him up.
That being said, I do hope there is a "Small Favor 3" :-D I'd like to see how he progresses in this and if he ever wins his freedom and to whom, exactly, does he owe so much to?

the sky is falling! QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE. great game btw

Love this game. So much nostalgia and such a great concept. In a world where you're only seen as an ID badge, it's surprisingly easy to cheat the system. I like that this game actually allows you to cash in on favors and gain from them rather than just having them serve as bragging rights. It's a great addition to the series.

Zeebarf responds:

Thanks, I hope to return to this series in the future and build on it.

This game is the second part of my favourite online adventure game ever - A small Favor.

I really like the characters and world of this series. Reminds me somewhat of Deus Ex games. The same dystopic feel and raking role of an assasin agent.

This game deserves slightly worse rating then the first because the first game was non-linear, it had multiple ways to complete it which involved choosing sides and choosing which characters to kill and which to leave alive, just like in Deus Ex, which is the best computer game ever created.

This game is completely linear but it still deserves a high rating for completing the story. And it is very fun!

Great colorful graphics and smooth gameplay