Reviews for "Another Small Favor"

100% awesome.

Awesome, only word I find can sum it up. Nice job on fixing the bugs. Was as good as I expected it to be. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to future ones.

Very good game

With the exception of the linear plot line, this is a great piece of programming and animation - I love the addition of the running for the character, but it seems now that the only way to get the game completed is for the 100% completion route, which is what made A Small Favour so enjoyable.

Some really well developed concepts there, particularly the slingshot for capturing the animals, rather than vaporising them, which is a neat little thing.

Good sounds, good music and overall a very nice game.

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Hell yeah, it's finally out!
As l said in my review of the first game, the whole universe you created is a very tribal, yet very modern...l love how you mixed the jungle with the space theme, it is always impressive to see that kind of stuff.
The gameplay, even if less open-ended than the first game, was very creative and not extremely hard...
The only flaw in this game is that you can easily get stuck for good if you don't do something right...but then, that's why walkthroughs exist amirite?
Good job, looking forward to the election camapign game on 3!


Slightly buggy, but that's okay.

List of bugs:
-If you go to the edge of the screen without going to the next one, and then try to go to the next one, it won't work. You have to walk away and try again.
-When you catapult across the chasm away from the sky army place, you walk onto the screen from the wrong side.
-When calling in the cat and collector favors, the buttons didn't seem to work properly. I had to leave and come back several times before they did..

Other than that, it was a great game! I liked the trading system, and was pleased that there was no more of that combining items nonsense. My only other complaint was that it was incredibly easy to figure out. I think you should make it harder.

I wasn't expecting a sequel, and I was delighted to find this. I look forward to the next game! Keep up the good work!

Nice. Another one

Gonna take longer with the location selection thingy. But still fun