Reviews for "Another Small Favor"


Make more

This game was awesome i hope you make a third small favor to add to the series that would be awesome

Such a great sequel! You really improved in the favor department by having them actually doing something for you latter
And world, art, music, dialogue is all great as always.

Generally when I play point-and-click games, I immediately look up a walkthrough on how to get all the medals/achievements, and rush through the thing till I have them all, skipping through all the dialogue and backstory and whatever cutscenes there may be.

Not the case with the "A Small Favor" games. Admittedly I avoided even playing the first game for a long time, but I eventually went back and gave it a shot when this was released, and really enjoyed it. The writing, the art and animation, the BGM and sound is great. It's pretty clear that a lot of work went into it.