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Reviews for "Zombie Robot"

I'm puking rainbows, as well as my ears are puking rainbows. 5/5 dude.

Thats maybe ur best song, 4,5 stars!

This is sick, brah. Really interesting.

Holy sh!t what a departure for you. The tone and style are quite different from your previous work, but the construction reminds me of your pre-album songs (Which is nothing less than wonderful, IMO): The melodies and DnB are nice and strong, and there are sharp differences from one segment to the next.

If one skips the tracking around there's a lot of variety, but some segments become a little repetitive ( 1:25-2:19 /// 2:53-3:10 /// 3:45-4:15 ). I'd cut a repetition out, or add more effects to create a greater sense of build-up.

LOL fuck yea best songs i ever heard cheshyre you number 1# xD