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Reviews for "Dick Neck: O Trailer"

The epic dick

mutated by the semen of his friends altered his neck after a tragic nucular explosion transforming DR foreman into the vigelante AKA Dick Neck.

"Vengence will be mine"
Prime Trunip

(let this be an epic series!!!1!)

Phobotech responds:

We shall!


I just saw the actual flash, and it's still funny. Kick ass job making it like an actual theatrical trailer. That was genius if you ask me.

Phobotech responds:

Thanks very much! Took me about two hours to make the trailer, and four months to make Origins.

Go figure...lol

Dick neck is beast.

I wnat to see the whole movie!
Looks badass.

Phobotech responds:

It's out now!


cant wait to see it... dick neck must be raging right about now...

Phobotech responds:

He has yet to resurface since the original thread...


dick neck looks mad....mad with a vengence and this time.....he's mad.....that about all the cliches i know.
funny flash.

Phobotech responds: