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Reviews for "Space Voyage - Invasion"

Kinda boring

It was boring after just a few levels, the graphics aren't that good, all the aliens look exactly the same.
Also, the game got too hard, too fast, the gameplay was too simple and boring.
The reason i give this a 4 is because it wasnt really anything new or interesting. Ive played games like this that have better graphics and gameplay. You shouldve made it more unique and interesting to set it apart from other TD games.


Didn't strike my attention too much, got boring after a few levels, made me feel like it was really easy at first, and quickly made it very hard.

Sorry, it was too simple

-The Fallen

aay too hard

it's hard to kill the aliens (I saw at least 10 survive with NO health) the clicking is kind of annoying and the first upgrade seemed to do absolutely nothing.
and it takes waaaaay too long to start a level
just give us a "ready go!" thing not 5 whole seconds.
and why the hell does the planet move? we already have enough trouble with aliens surviving with 0 health, the weaving aliens, and the bull shit upgrades.

the boss is more dissapointing than the game

just like others have said get 6 fully upgraded lasersand the game plays itself the only exception being the boss in lvl25 which is flying robotic head that spits out UFOs if yu let the game play itself you will have no trouble getting into the highscores list i just got highest score for the week and i let the game play itself so that just show you how good this game is - i recommend you avoid this one

I really tried...

I gave this one a good go, trying to find a good quality...

Biff #1:
A few different colors on the same model does NOT make enemy diversity...
They act the same, and look the same... I felt like I was playing the same level over and over and over..; Until the last mashfest "boss" that does nothing but send me (oh my god) more clones.. ::facepalm::

Biff #2:
Firing the "gun" seemed an awful lot like mashing my mouse button after 3 minutes. And maybe add some sort of sound or animation when you fire so it seems like a gun and not just a cursor that happens to kill the clones. Oh yeah, and just so I could get a 100% accuracy, I just stopped clicking entirely and let the copy and paste turrets take everything out.

Biff #3:
Just wondering what font you used -for the entire game-