Reviews for "Lineart Tutorial"

Top of the Line... Get it? :D

The keys work fine... And everything looks great!
Thanks a lot for sharing what you know, it's what motivates crappy wannabe "artists" like myself and many, many others to strive and keep trying to perfect their style. Eye of the Tiger, baby! >_<
Will definitely check out your Photoshop tutorial, and look forward to future stuff of yours, so long as you have the time (and patience) to come up with them. ;-)

Wavechan responds:

Eyeee of the tiiiger XD! Yay!

Thank you for reading :)

Wow thanks

really helpfull i look forward to your other work

Wavechan responds:

You're welcome, thanks for reading!

Thank you mister

fucking nice, i've got MAD problems about the perspective and shit, so now ill master that and then do something more radical, thank you, thank you mister!

Very good and covering tutorial

This is the best lineart tutorial I have ever seen. You covered everything there was to ask! Nicely done!

tips:really good
draw:really awsome and cute
i"ll give you a 5/5 :D