Reviews for "Lineart Tutorial"



So happy to have found your tutorial!

Thank you for this brilliant tutorial. I've always wondered about 'digital inking' techniques - feeling sure there must be a way to create vector lineart that looks natural - but it's so laborious in Illustrator! I'm thrilled to find out about Paint Tool SAI. It will be a great tool for logos that need a natural hand-drawn line feel too, and many other appliations... Your completed artworks on DeviantArt are amazing. Thanks again for providing so much detail. (I knew there must have been others out there wishing they could use vectors more easily!)

i love you

pure awesomeness... first time that i get it and you acctually give me areally good tool
i have never wanted to make lineart in photoshop... and illustrator takes a lot of time
SAI is awesome...
love illustrator for logos illustrations and stuff like that... i love it...
i acctually spend more time in illustrator than anyother program but...
hell its a pain for the linearts
thank you :P


this tutorial has more information in it then over a years worth of art school, no seriously, it took the teachers over a friggn year to "teach" half of this stuff.

Arrw! Thank you a thousend times!

It really helpes me soooo fukin' much!
With the inking and the prespective!
I can't empress ho much I thank you <33