Reviews for "Lineart Tutorial"

nice drawings.

but i thought this was a turtorial to draw IN flash not outside


That was FANTASTIC, only one question... Marry me =P ?

Wavechan responds:

haha, you're sweet! :) but sorry, i'm taken! XD


Very nice tutorial I thought I would never get the hangof Lineart!


Nice tutorial! I really like it! Well I've red all pages. >_<
It took me 1 hour, or maybe more than 1 hour. HEHEHE!
This thing really thought me almost everything about arts.

Arigato! :D

Love it

wow... this is very helpful and very neat Wave.. i love it how u organized it.. its really great to have such a good tutorial here on newgrounds like this friend... i am very proud of this tutorial.... and please share more with the world if u still can.. thank you very much my friend..