Reviews for "Lineart Tutorial"

Very informative!

It helped out alot! Thanks for this lol. I never used photoshop, but when I do, I will look at your tutorials. I also enjoyed how you tutorials make the user actually click and stuff. And how on every diffrent one, there is a new charecter and drawning.

Keep it up man, Ill be waiting ;)

Wavechan responds:

Yay :D I'm a girl, actually :) But thanks for enjoying it and reading!

Most Excellent

I have learned quite a bit from this. Especially the stuff about perspective.

Wavechan responds:

Yay! I'm glad to hear :) Thank you for reading!

Very good!

Very good tutorial. This should definitely stay!

Wavechan responds:

Thanks :D!


After your PS color tutorial, I was really hoping you would put out more work like this.
You've got some amazing exceptional skills. Never stop teaching others how to be more like you! xD

Wavechan responds:

Aw, I don't really want to teach people to be more like me ^^ I just want to spread my knowledge around a bit :) Thank you!