Reviews for "Lineart Tutorial"


nice tut :D i wish i was that good, but i got a long way to go <_<

Wavechan responds:

Practice practice @_@! :) Thank you!

Great tutorial.

Amazing. You're skills are awesome dude.

Wavechan responds:

Thanks very much :)

Flawless Of Course

once again wave u stun me with ur magnificent drawing skills lol keep it up dear ur doing fine and im sure u'll do even greater things

Great little tutorial

It's kind of hard for me to rate these tutorials in that if I'm not working on Flash at the very moment (heck, I doubt if I ever will really) they don't come across as being particuarly useful but this was still very well done. The artwork itself was nice, and these were some very nice tips you threw in, and even if I never use them, it's still great that you showed that you care.

Wow!... this is usefull

I was thinking in giving you a 9 but this tutorial one of the better i have ever seen, good work, and thanks!