Reviews for "Lineart Tutorial"

Mines 2 :D

megaman was my first video game and my favo game :D and it still is :D

Wavechan responds:

YAY megaman fan :D

Great stuff

Really good tutorial!

Wavechan responds:

Thank you :)


this tutorial is brilliant and incredibly professional. you have really put in a massive amount of work and detail into this, well done. it has everything a good tutorial should have. step by step instructions with examples at every step as well as having a load of extra information about everything you could possibly need to know. absolutely brilliant.

p.s. i bet you do get to be a colourist for marvel really soon

oh and i know money might not have been on your mind but im sure if you had put an ad like a mochi ad on this you would have a nice amount.

Wavechan responds:

Aw, thanks very much :) :) :) I'm glad my work shows. I was pecking at this for over 2 weeks... maybe even longer if you count the drawings themselves. @_@!

Oh... money wasn't on my mind at all ^^ But thank you for the suggestion :)!!

Another Tutorial I can relate to!

Wow! Another tutorial here on newgrounds, first I saw the photoshop coloring tutorial and got some information out of it, then the Lineart Tutorial comes out. These tutorials are the most informative tutorials I`ve seen on Newgrounds (besides the Moosh`d Anime Tutorial 2 which was REALLY helpful also).

I`ve voting a 5 out of 5 and a review rating of 10, and an added bonus of adding this tutorial to the favorites... oh! And putting you on the favorite artist`s list.

You`re tutorials aren`t as hard or hopeless as many newgrounders thought it would be. Keep going at it Wavechan! Thanks a whole lot!

Wavechan responds:

:D I thank /you/ very much for taking the time to read both of my tutorials and making use out of them :)

A fantasticly detailed review, but also very


I have clicked through many tutorials that are incredibly detailed and long, but in-reality, are just dragging out useless bits of information. This is one of the few tutorials I have read from start to finish because of it's usefulness.

Another good thing about this article is that it shows the work required to draw something of a high standard.

10/10 5/5

Wavechan responds:

Thanks very much :D I'm glad it was full of more useful information than superfluous information ^^