Reviews for "Lineart Tutorial"

Great work!

As an artist myself, I can really appreciate it when someone with your level of talent takes time out to help others. I personally was self-taught for the most part, and was never given any real direction in terms of creating a proper perspective to a piece, so I found this immensely helpful!
I hope to implement all the lessons I've picked up from this very soon.
Thanks a lot for the time you've put into doing this for artists like myself and for amateurs just starting out too, well done.

Wavechan responds:

You're welcome, I thank you for reading :) These tutorials are actually fun to do, even though they're huge time-munchers XD

a little bit disapointed

hey i dont like megaman but if he shoot some stuff i ike it i hate megaman so i just give 6/10 is that ok >.> sorry i just hate that guy....

Wavechan responds:

:O How can you hate Megaman!? He's like... one of the first video game characters that started all other games! And he had awesome rock music, and and...

Though, I can't really understand what you're saying... you only like him if he's shooting stuff? :O

Technically, Megaman isn't really in this tutorial ;D It's X and Zero.


I like megaman


very good i tried and its works very good, good luck with marvel :D

Wavechan responds:

Cool :D! Thanks for trying out the techniques :)

Alright this is gonna hurt

Okay i agree with some parts yea yea its nice and all love the music selection and everything but I felt at some points ouu were making it as if you were talking to a mentally challenged autistic child no offence to anyone, but it was informative so i wont be a jerk that badly i gave you a 5/5 already but here i give you 7/10

Wavechan responds:

Oh :( I'm sorry if you found some parts offensive in that sense... I'm really not sure how much some people know, and some people don't know.... so maybe it was the parts that you already knew that you would just consider to be a little too dumbed down for you?

Though, I think it's probably just me, getting carried away XD I teach some old people how to use the computer sometimes and I usually gotta go really slow with them... if it isn't too much trouble, can you send me a private message letting me know which parts you felt were too offensive? :) Thanks!