Reviews for "Lineart Tutorial"


Finally a lineart tutorial that's easy to understand for me!! i love the casual attitude you used in this, kinda gives it a subsitute-teacher-trying-to-be-cool-w ith-the-kids feel ^^. If only i had a scanner T-T and well any talent in anatomic drawing and less of a perfectionist attitude i'd be able to get even better with my art. Anyway *cough* i love this tut and will definately remember the advice given ^^ kudos!.

Very Helpful!

It's nice to see an incredibly informative tutorial here! This is a great way to teach everyone; beginners and experts can learn a lot from you! Great job!

Thank you very much!

I'm really bad at my pen tablet, the sensitivity always seems too high or too low. Hopefully Sai will help me with that! Anyway, this tutorial is so awesome, just like your other one. I don't suppose you could make a tutorial for using pen tablets? 8D


this tutorial is great, thank you very much for creating this helpful guides :) will add it to my favorites as soon as i finish writing this :)


what program did u use for this and is it free?? if it is can u plz tell me , thx