Reviews for "Lineart Tutorial"

That was awesome

thanks for all the advices and it very helpful
one question about the perspective how can put in practice in the tradtional drawing?
i will de very grateful if you can clear that doubt but all the rest excellent ahh i love wave chibi is so cute haha

Wavechan responds:

Use a ruler :) And do very very very light lines with your pencil so you can easily erase them afterwards! Be careful not to smudge when you're moving your hand around the page though! It'll start smudging really easily because your lines are so much lighter :(

Such a wonderful and very helpful tutorial!
Thanks a million!


I want to thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience (as well as your taste in video games, I'm also a big fan of Megaman!).
As someone who is primarily a programmer, I still wish to be able to express my ideas through the art of drawing (I feel as if it is a skill that we are born with, nobody is not an artist). This tutorial gives you a good idea on how to get your stuff from paper to poster. Newgrounds has a fantastic community of teachers and its helping me get a little more motivated (despite most of its questionable and disturbing content that I usually see on the home page).
Thanks for the tips. ;D