Reviews for "Lineart Tutorial"

I can haz shortcut!? :3

This has made my life so much easier! Once again you amaze me with your knowledge of these programs that inspires me to work twice as hard when drawing now that I know there's another option. I just downloaded paint tool Sai and it works amazingly, just what I'm looking for!

Thanks once again Wave for the great help and tutorial! ^_^

Uwa~! O__O

Great tutorial! I'll definitely be using this in the future to help me with my drawings! :D I especially liked the Paint Tool SAI tutorial. I've screwed around with the program in the past, but never really understood what any of the tools did (aside from the brushes and eraser, of course).

Once again, you win at art.

If i could give it a 6, i would. This is freaking awesome. It takes an awesome person to make awesome flash tutorials. As you can tell, i like the word awesome. Awesome!


dont have time to read all of it right now,but from what i did read that was impressive.good job man

entertaining tutorial

An excellent tutorial indeed. Thank you the tips on the photoshop pen. I tend to have problems with that.