Reviews for "Lineart Tutorial"


Like your paiting tutorial it was very detailed and very informative. I recently got a Wacom Tablet and i know what you mean about having unsteady hands at times. A lot of knowledge to be learned from this tutorial, Bookmarked for sure for future reference. Excellent job here.

Love you!

SAI program really improve me lineart art thanks for this tutorial.

*big smile*

What can I say? More than is freaking awesome tutorial!

dude sweet

i love to draw and this was very helpful to me and my drawing skills

Very helpful

Awesome tutorial, I've however always drawn my straight lines using my tablet because I can't figure out how to make them with the pen tool! I tried doing it like you did in this tutorial but as soon as I create an anchor point it creates a new vector mask and the stroke path option is grayed out... I'm probably just missing out something silly but if you know what I'm doing wrong I'd really appreciate some more help.