Reviews for "Lineart Tutorial"


I've been looking EVERYWHERE for a tut like this xD THANK YOU for posting this! Btw, cute drawings :3

10 from me, too :)

Thank you for an excellent tutorial. The material was admirably comprehensive, and presented in a organised and appealing way. I liked the subtle cuteness and humour present in it too :3

Overall, a very professional, very educational, and very enjoyable tutorial. I can think of nothing to better it. 10/10

Keep up the good work

Amazing detail but...

one thing... (Please Answer) what do you mean 600+ DPI might be too much. Would it worsen the condition of B&W.


Another manga dreamer like me..hope it comes true good luck,Oh and ur lucky for having the money for most of those matirals lol


i use photoshop cs4 and when i make the white layer the black and white squares don't go away