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Reviews for "Find the Differences 2"


you did great
don't lisen to them
the importent thing is u tried

jakenator85 responds:

Just wait for FtD3.


Needs to be longer. otherwise. I really like it. The flag one was really hard I even tried clicking everywhere on the blue part, until I notices where it the difference was.
You should add a thing to turn off the music.

jakenator85 responds:

That's why I made the hit zone bigger than the difference itself that way it is easier to click. Also, I'll put in multiple buttons at the top of the screen for FtD3, for more than one song and for muting, but, why do you want the song to be muted? You don't like Rig?

About my addition to the flash...

To the people who view this flash, about that one level I put in, I really just snuck it in while Jake was in the bathroom just to see what people would say about it... and sort of just to make Jake laugh. (Jake makes flashes at my house since he doesn't yet have his own computer at his house, and his family computer is full.)

What I would really prefer to be credited for is for helping Jake with any problems he asked for help with in the flash, and to give general advice. (Example: To put the button for each level on both sides where the difference is rather than just one, and to put a button across the whole screen that does nothing so the pointer won't give the answers away.)

And since this is a review, I suppose I have to give a score... I'd say... 3/5. It's pretty good, and you put a lot of work into it, but it could use better art and/or more objects in each picture, (like a sidewalk full of people rather than one person on a sidewalk,) and like you mentioned earlier, start thinking of a way to put multiple differences in each picture. Unfortunately, a 3 would help your flash, but I can't add it in because you already voted on your flash using my computer, which means I can't vote with my IP address on it today.

jakenator85 responds:

Hi david.


But please add a mute button!

jakenator85 responds:

Why, you don't like Rig?

Too short

Heh heh, it's a concept that has yet to get old for me. But dang, it's reeeeally short. I bet you could use my help on this. *wink*

jakenator85 responds:

FtD3 will have 10 pictures, instead of 6, and maybe even 5 bonus pictures.