Reviews for "Tarboy"

You got good story-writing skill, the animation...

never stopped to amaze me, I mean everything was beautiful, well done, the emotion was in the right place.


anyone who dis give this flash animation a 10 for the review, and a 5 for the score, is either mentally retarded or has no taste in excellent flash animation. Perfect job on the flash. MOST AMAZING FLASH EVER!!

This is so AWESOME.

One of the best stuff I've seen! I'm waiting for EPISODE TWO. KEEP IT UP.


Works like this make it very difficult to be a critic! I can't think of anything I could possible complain about! Story, animation, audio... You set a standard that puts professional work to shame!

Keep up the good work! I expect to be flabbergasted like I am now when Tarboy 2 is released!


This left me gibbering foolishly... awesome work man! Love the scene of Tarboy risng up out of the tar with bared teeth, incredible. Tunes and narrative were absolutely fantastic. Lookin forward to checkin out more!