Reviews for "Tarboy"


Loved It cant wait for tarboy 2

oooh. so professional!

the animation and artwork were nailed perfectly. especially the blackout scene when Tarboy killed that robot. And Hania's thrilling music number made it seem like it was in a world class movie theater

seriously, this is the kind of cartoon they have in the special features menu on a disney pixar DVD. only BETTER.

if there was a rating higher than 5/5 10/10, it would be yours for sure.


hey da.., Shut up billy!

Incredible Job

This animation is incredible in that it uses both the visual animation and the audio together so well. The plot of the story is very unique, and I am hoping for a sequel to this movie. :)
PS: Incredible Soundtrack!


This the best flash animation i have ever seen. There is not a thing wrong with this animation.