Reviews for "Tarboy"

Mixed really

As a newgrounds user, I can clearly see that this is a quality flash, with no flaws whatsoever.

But as a human, I just don't like it. Something about it rubs me the wrong way, and in my opinion, doesn't deserve to be the best of all time. But thats just because I don't like it.


ok, ive watched this 2 times trying to find anything the least bit entertaining in the entire flash and ill admit it has very good animation, but the story has been overdone and its not very original. IMO it does not deserve being at the top of the list. its not funny at all. i remember when the top submisions were actaully worth watching.

Where to start...

All right, first thing's first. a bunch of fanboys who are appaled by a 3 out of 10 are gonna want an explanation.

First, this wasn't really all to confusing. No, but that's a good thing. But that's not to say certain aspects are not completely irrational.
What did the robot things do in the mines? Dig up coal? probably, but it irritates me not to know.
How could a memory chip live through tar? The thickness of pure tar would immediately pulverize any sort of memory chip.
If the memory chips DID indeed survive, then how did tarboy have any correlation with it? he was clearly there to avenge them, but was he all of the memory chips combined?
Was tarboy a pro or antagonist? The old robot dud spoke of Tarboy in horror, but as their ancestors were the victims, wouldn't that make tarboy a good guy? The kid sure thought so.

It was cheesy kinda. Short statement, no question.

This lacks the epicness of previous ng flash portal #1s. It doesn't have Waterlollies' graphics and texture, nor Xiaoxiao 3's beastness.

Don't hate me over this. It was good, no denyinng it, but if i gave it the 8/10 it deserved, this review would be lost in the perpetual see of praising, blind, butkissing reviews. I don't want that. So people, I conclude this review with one simple hint:
You know you may regret it.


I really don't understand why people like this so much. I gave it a three only because the animation was pretty good (note: PRETTY GOOD). The story line is quite stupid and makes little sense, and the music at the beginning legitimately makes me angry due to the story telling that goes along with it. Maybe it just isn't for me, but I think people need to examine it a bit more.

two thumbs up

loved it cant wait to see part duex