Reviews for "Tarboy"

Very addictive story

I've watched this countless times now and would love to see the next chapter in this story more and more with each view. What a remarkable story to think of with such well played music and style. This surpasses most animated movies in theaters of the past few years. Good work.


looks liek it could be a trailer for one bomb ass movie!!!!!!

freakin sweat

awesome and epic best movie i saw on newgrounds BUT y would you clean tar with a broom not a mop XD


I love it, this could easily be arranged and be an animation movie. Il like every bit of it!

Wow is all i can say.

That was awsome i loved the music for it even though it was kinda "Pink Pather".I loved the story.I think if u make a sequel u should give tarboy some facial features like at least eyes.