Reviews for "Tarboy"

Wow is all i can say.

That was awsome i loved the music for it even though it was kinda "Pink Pather".I loved the story.I think if u make a sequel u should give tarboy some facial features like at least eyes.

Short and good

I'm giving it 10 cuz most good flashes are long but this is short, something new for me.

One of the best...

I love this new cartoon style. And it's specifically good in this flash. It's amazing no matter how many times I view this submission, it still seems refreshing and bold.

The story line, although basic, is brought to life through really interesting characters. And the action throughout this flash is fast and eye-catching.

It's truly brilliant!


Just a quick note though. The 'eye' which I assume is used to identify the narrator as the janitor, in this flash, seems to switch sides a lot, making the continuity a little bit off. But this is such a minor quibble I certainly can't let it affect my score.


Slick, smart and super! Possibly the best Flash animation I've ever seen! Can't wait for the sequel (wink wink, nudge nudge! : D)

All i can say is;

This is the best flash movie i've seen.