Reviews for "Tarboy"


It's very uncommon for me to find a movie worth voting higher than 2 on just by picking random movies out of the Portal, it's even more uncommon that I vote 5 on said movie, and extremely rare that I favorite it.

This movie has all 3 of those conditions, easily. Truly impeccable animation (with some very impressive effects) as well as a brilliant original score make this one truly special. The completely original premise is whimsical and magical, as well as entertaining.



Wow! Holy! F***! I'm sorry! It's just AWESOME! Please sir! Do make more?!

The animations, the syncing, the music, the drawings, ... everything just falls perfectly into place and together making a masterpiece of the finest art! I'm left with a hunger for more!

Fantastic work! I have a feeling you can make it to Best Of All Time with this!


That was really cool!

Loved the style 5/5