Reviews for "Tarboy"


Dude, this is awesome!

The storyline was epic, and the animation absolutely amazing!
I loved the fight scene in the dark. The lighting effects there were incredible!
And the music! <3333


Everything was just perfect. The ending made me want more. The way it was told and shown made it sound like this was just an introduction. The animation and graphics were very different than anything ive seen on Newgrounds. Good Work!!!

oh my god

i think i just peed a little out of epicness. the story was great. animation was great. fighting was great. epicawesomeness


The style was fantastic with it's cartoony elements, the story was gripping and compelling and combined with the glorious lighting effects and musical number, equalled in a fine masterpiece, I eagerly await Tarboy 2.


This movie is perfect... really awesome... I love it. Continue please.