Reviews for "OutPost Dedlaw, IMPROVED!"


really fun. 3d graphics were nicely done - i assume you used Swift3D?

i do have a few problems with this game though
you cant move forwards and backwards
voice acting reminds me of homeworld cataclysm
i think you mightve overused 3d animations a bit - there were alot of things there that wouldve been easy to animate in flash only. the space station animation was pretty cool though

NiCe GaMe

one of the best movies on new grounds 5 star 2 thumbs up and a 10.

Very cool game!!!

It's hard to beat, but that only adds to the fact that I want to play it over and over again!!! Nice work!!! Keep it up!!!

this wuz great

this wuz the best game i've ever played.....now i got a reason to play games on newgrounds


That was some good flash mang. But I think it would be better if you could get an occasional weapon powerup... and that was one badass boss.