Reviews for "OutPost Dedlaw, IMPROVED!"

Not Good

I think it is the same guy doing all the voices
Also picking up powerups is to tedious as you have to hit the front you cant side swipe into them
The idea is also ill-executed as the gameplay is not that varying when you can play full 3d ship games that you can move anywhere

gltovar responds:

Shut up you 14 year old brat!
I agree about the power ups and its a joke about the voices to add a bit of humor, but you have never taken the hard work to make your own movie, or even a website. First off flash was never designed to be 3D, and second of all i designed this to run on lower class computers. Many high graphic flash games out need high end pIII's this will run on a med-high end pII. Any one who has worked with flash knows this game was no easy task, Hey it's not even finished yet!

There should be an checkpoint

THERE SHOULD BE AN CHECKPOINT AT THE BOSS, it pissed me off that I had begin at the biginning of the game.

Awesome game duder.

The game was really grand. Like the muffins. The voices were a little hokey, but that gave it some humor. I had to play it on low quality cause of my shit comp. but even on low it looked pretty good. The boss was way too hard, he kicked my ass in like 3 second. great game though, and i hope you keep up on it, and do updates.

not bad at all

nice game, the graphics were good and the sounds were nice, just like the music. the boss at the end is hard to defeat though. perhaps you should make that one a little easier. the station reminds me of I-war 2.

It was pretty good

The game was cool and graphics were awsome but the boss at the end was sooooooooo hard