Reviews for "What Birthers Believe"

Praise Satan

Baby Obama was the best part.

Applause is in Order

You are my hero, thank you for making this.

Praise Satan indeed xD

that was fan-freaking-tastic! It all makes perfect sense too you know. Love the voodoo practitioner xD

Are you going to do one on town-hall meetings?

You are not smart.

Trixiaoyu says:
"This flash has nice art and animation but the message is racist and hateful. "African's Aren't smart"? Obviously this crap was made by a white man because as a well educated African I really find it offensive."

This was made to make fun of the people who think Obama is a bad president and to make the point that these people go way out of line in thinking that he is here to hurt the U.S. on purpose. So you just took the flash wrong and assumed something that was not true.

P.S. Yea I am white call me racist.


Bizarre, funny, and surprisingly truthful :P