Reviews for "What Birthers Believe"

Very accurate.

To those saying this is a bit racist, understand the Birthers are infact racist and probably believe everything in this animation.

Granted the Birthers dont truely belive that

but when you add together what they belive with what many pathetic people are saying, this is what you get.


The video was very funny so I'll give you a 10 for it. But I find it hard to believe people actually believe that. You said in the Author's comments that this is an accurate depicition of what birthers believe. Are you sure? I just find it VERY hard to believe that is what they think.

We need to put more money into education.

The Birther Movement is proof that the American School System is in dire trouble. That so many people fell for such an obviously silly made up story does not speak well of our nation.


That's awesome. Idk why people are giving it a low rating :(. It was hilarious.