Reviews for "What Birthers Believe"


Hilarious! It's a pity some people can't seem to understand satire too well, judging by the comments. I feel bad for Obama since he's got so many problems that he needs to take of. I was going to rate it lower, but then I noticed some people who rated low due to political views. Come on guys, it's a flash, not a propaganda campaign. >.>


that's what I thought until I read what a "bither" really was. ^_^


lol dude had a watermelon


Loved the political parody. That's a five and a favorite.
Nice job.

to rat fact

personaly im was behind the birther movement for a litel while i stil think obamma
is not leagaly alowed to be president but
any infomation to the contrary is either gone or dosent exist

LOL!!!!!!!! hes a kenyan