Reviews for "What Birthers Believe"


A new TLG toon, AND it makes fun of one of our greatest national shames... the birthers. Life is good.

Seriously people... http://tinyurl.com/m5x4b9. This isn't difficult.

Excellent work as usual 5/5 10/10

this is so great

leave it to america to make far-fetched conspiracy stories ^^
as well as turning fads into creepy sects...

good job!

i really liked the plot, animation but i do see that people think this is abusive :(
maybe the title ain't right? anyways, great job
10/10 5/5!

Funny, yet sad.

It's pretty funny. Too bad Birthers actually do believe this. Though, I personally believe that some "Birthers" are only saying the things they say because they don't want to friends and/or family to turn on them.

Back to the review. Pretty standard for graphics and the dialogue is nice. The few visual gags are also fairly funny. Everything is perfectly understandable, so that's a big plus. Good job on this.

To the viewers reading this, there are some people who actually have this opinion of Obama. However, most people will repeatedly state these opinions not out of belief, but for other reasons like fear, hate, desperation, or simple confusion. I've watched and read alot on politics and this was an actual belief before the health care debates got heated.


:O Will you marry me?

XD That was TOO fucking funny! x3