Reviews for "What Birthers Believe"


Its funny, and true. Oh those silly birthers. Just cant take the fact that a black man is President.


What JoShUaa said. Goddamn, can no one read a description or pick up on sarcasm anymore these days? You'd think that everyone would know what the fuck sarcasm looks like, but then you get people like BIGBobbel. Fuck.

American conservatives.

Have all the maturity and brains of an unwashed tadpole.

very funny

those birthers are such easy targets, i was amazed that i could only find one flash movie about them. Great job on the movie.

thx for the info

I'm going to use this as information in a school report for an example of how people are ridiculous about obama and read much too far into things and then throw them out of proportion. but yea i'm going to cite you in it, hopefully I do it right. rough draft is due tomorrow.