Reviews for "What Birthers Believe"

Good satire!

That was a damn good slice of humor! Good art, good voices, wacky plan by "evil villains"...I enojyed this alot!

I also like how a little light, entertaining satire turns into a flame war in the review section. You douchey politic addicts need to take your ca-ca elsewhere.


im muslim but this is sooo awesomely funny


if they where being sarcastic about Gorge Bush and Obama, go to hell. but what they said was SO TRUE. 1,000,000 out of 10 for truthfulness


Good to see that there is some one out there that isint a stupid obama conformist nice man and i hope all the stupid lebiral americans see this and enjoy the new stupid health care polocy hahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!! you thought you were all so good voteing for him because it made u fell better about yourself you people probibly said i voted for a half black guy. i am soooo amazing but you didint for one second look at his plans great job!!

I was wondering...

And this is no more logical than what I thought they might think... excellent satire.

To the guy two below me, Obama's birth certificate has been posted online, if you really don't believe he was born in hawaii, just like every other reliable source says, then you can look at that, too. Glad to hear your fraternity hasn't converted you beyond all hope yet.

Oh, and the watermelon/voodo man was amazing.