Reviews for "What Birthers Believe"

to rat fact

personaly im was behind the birther movement for a litel while i stil think obamma
is not leagaly alowed to be president but
any infomation to the contrary is either gone or dosent exist

LOL!!!!!!!! hes a kenyan


"Soon Kenya shall crush the United States, Muahahahahahahahaha!!!"...
LOL, why the hell would Kenya destroy the US anyway? Since when they became a Muslim nation? When the did they became socialists?... It strange yet funny...
What a interesting video that if true, Obama could have been a terrorist...
LOL all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!......... XD

i just have to post this bill maher quote

i will personaly show you barack obamas birth certificate when you show me sarah palins high school diploma


Bizarre, funny, and surprisingly truthful :P


Loved the political parody. That's a five and a favorite.
Nice job.