Reviews for "What Birthers Believe"

very funny man

I am kinda of mad because some people are giving you bad reviews simply because they dont get the joke. Anyway great voices in video and keep up the good work this had me laughing.

It was allright

The monotony of the Kenyan voice over was putting me to sleep and the animation wasn't too great but the artistic quality and sound were good. As for the story, I had no Idea. Strange...

For the record, Obama isn't a terrorist, he's a communist. There is a difference.


Ok look, I don't know if you were trying to be funny or serious about some things but you managed to piss everyone off. If you're a birther, you're stupid because it has been proven numerous times that Obama has an American birth record.

Seriously, anyone who doubts this type in google "Obama's birth certificate" and click on the link for snopes.com. Snopes is THE MOST TRUSTED NEWS SOURCE on the internet BTW.

But seriously, make it clearer next time if you're joking and don't misrepresent others views if you're not. (no matter how stupid other's views are) And I only gave you a zero because you ruined some good flashwork with a plot/joke that isn't clear and could be offending to either or both sides of this argument.


While I'm a conservative sorta guy, I'm also not american. Heh heh, So I guess I don't need to feel like I'm being slapped in the face or whatever.
Hilarious video man. I liked it.
"Praise satan." XD

I though this was hilarious!

Great Job!
It seems like the general newgrounds crowd aren't getting it.
Im sure they do though, I guess i just really liked the presentation of how so many facts are skewed that some people end up actually believing this nonsense

-Great watermelon easter egg btw