Reviews for "What Birthers Believe"


Yes, it's funny and all and yes people are complete idiots...but that last line Praise Satan....

Nonono, it's not that I am saying that is too far or any garbage like that, but I swear, when I saw it, I read Praise Satan...but it sounded just like "PlayStation," Just like they would do in the old PS2 commercials...... (Praise Satan ... Play -Sa - Ton)



Great Animation, and great use of Satire. Is just sad that a lot of people don't get the joke...

Ellipses (...)

Yeah, this video could be funny, but it lacks... The whole joke about Africans not being smart is a bit stupid, along with other menial stereotypical add-ins. The animation is probably the only reason I can give it a four. Another point for an attempt...

Why do morons exist? WHY?!

So, all the reviews dumb enough to think the creator of this was being serious or agrees with the birther's views kind of make me lose hope in humanity.

Other than that, it was pretty funny. You've got a ways to go on the animation front, but you're certainly no where near bad at animating. Good humor and I enjoyed the sutble pokes at racism (like the witch doctor eating a watermelon!).

Good job.

Its time to Clarify

This is for the people who can't tell what is what. Obviously this guy is not a birther and is making fun of birthers. Also if you can't tell that you should not be writing reviews to began with. Now for the animator. It was an alright piece but it didn't deliver well with the jokes. Everything else was fine. Good job, good work and next time deliver a little better.